Thursday, November 8, 2012

Winter Solstice 2012: The starting point of a new Era

An invitation to join the celebration
by Bhuvaneswari Devi 

Dec 21 2012 marks the end of the Mayan calendar. The ancient mystics who elaborated the most complex records or the social, political and religions events of humanity, has not given us information on the next millennium to come.
All we have before us is an Earth that shakes her surface with radical ecological changes, as all of humanity feels the pressure and thickness of social, political and economical instability. We may continue our daily life as though nothing is going on, however, in the back of our mind, we cannot deny the impact of the changes and the request life makes for us to examine our position in front of these changes. What is my impact? How I can help? What can happen? All these questions have a powerful and unique answer. It all depends of your level of cooperation, contribution and awareness of the gifts you have.
Winter Solstice is now the focus of attention for many mystic groups around the world. Vedic groups in India are embarking in 40 days of continuous and ongoing fire ceremonies; in Palenque, Mexico we expect a 10.000 people gathering to celebrate the new Era and to reflect in our ancestors’ legacy. Here in Canada, there will be gatherings of healers, teacher, mediums and artist on that day. In beautiful Wakefield, Quebec, just ½ hour form Ottawa, we will be hosting a remarkable event where we will unite in meditation, ceremonies and devotional chanting to hold the sacred energy of this part of the planet.
Bhuvaneswari Devi and Matthew Cosgrove request your presence, since it is through the energy of each individual that the energy of the Earth will rise. 
As Bhuvaneswari commented: “This is the time were we humans are being tested to cross the individual reasons why not and to gather humbly with each other in prayer, gratitude and celebration.”
The celebration will take place in the Grand Hall of the Wakefield Community Center. All people are invited for a mindful program that highlights a deep reverence towards Earth, honouring the contribution of each participant and the declaration that the times to come are not written anywhere because the power of our destiny is in our choices. We are writing the times to come!
If you are reading this part of this article, you are ready to come to Wakefield Dec 21 at 3:45 pm. You are ready to say, I am here and what I have is valuable to humanity. You are ready to meet people with the same intention and to close your eyes in a blissful meditation. Join us to celebrate Winter Solstice 2012 !

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