Sunday, August 4, 2013

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We thank all the participants on this meditation. Matthew and I are really convince that if each of us give an inside inner space for freedom, the outer world will reshape in the same matter. We look forward for our 2013 winter solstice and having all of you back in emptiness and stillness.

In gratitude
Berdhanya and Matthew
what a reception, thank you Tina for the programs, Kim and Richard were the light and welcoming smiles.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Stillness and Sovereignty; our only choice now.

Restoring sovereignty is simple to do when you have the tools to anchor yourself into your core. The problem is that the concept of the tool that we usually have is attached to the doer, to the performer and to the forceful self who wants results. Meditation is a tool, but it is also a natural stage of being. It is truly a poetic process to free the mind from all its contents, from all its conditional thinking and to enter innocently into the solitude of silence.
That silence only emerges, and I say emerges because always it has been there, waiting, like a faithful observer of all our adventures, dramas and life stories. That silence only can arise when one sees the limitations of one’s thinking, when one sees that our way of thinking has not brought us any freedom, truth or peace.  That simple recognition is all that is needed to arrive at a natural state of silence and inner clarity.
That silence permeates all living things, as each stands alone in their full being, in full presence and in a full honoring of their divinity.
It is that deep solitude and state of sovereignty where we are not touched by any idea, concepts. As a matter of fact that solitude and stillness is that that animates all that we think we are and all the things we do. 
We are in each instance, 2000 years ago as well as now, requested to stand up, to defend and to realize the self-love that leads us beyond fear and into the vastness of our being. That recognition requires us to be self-sovereign, where we stand free from the threat of our mind and the illusionary force of our emotions. That space of neutrality no longer keeps us captive either by the mind or by fears.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Winter Solstice 2012, A Return to Earth Based Spirituality?

By Matthew Cosgrove
This year, hundreds of thousands of people are gathering throughout the world to mark the winter Solstice on December 21 2012. Long before people in Europe and elsewhere in the world celebrated Christmas, the winter Solstice was the primary event that cultures revolved around. It marked the beginning of a new cycle when at the darkest moment the light is reborn, and the moment from which the days grew longer. In the early circular calendars throughout the world, and still for some today, it is the north direction where life begins anew, and it is winter, where in its cool and dark stillness we dream tomorrow. The winter Solstice represents the moment of conception of all living beings when nature’s great breath of life once again begins its outward momentum.   

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Celebration your only destiny 12/06 by Altitude | Blog Talk Radio

This talk is the very essence of Berdhanya teachings.  Find yourself inspired by learning the different types of celebration and how relates to your vitality, health and sense of purpose. This show is surely illustrating the full potential of love, joy and human spiritual rights.

Celebration your only destiny 12/06 by Altitude | Blog Talk Radio

Monday, November 12, 2012

Winter solstice: The Longest Night

Source unknow as told by Matthew Cosgrove -->
By Matthew Cosgrove.

            A long time ago it is winter, summer is but a dream, there is only winter, it has no end. The Great Spirit gives fire to the people but the North wind breathes on it and makes it cold, the people cannot light the fire again. The sun goes west and does not return, it is the longest night.

         Life is hard for the people, they have little to eat, and many young and old pass into the world of Spirit. The people sit together to stay warm but no one speaks and no one sings. Then the people find a bear sleeping in a cave, they want to kill the bear for it’s meat and fur but the bear wakes up, "I am weak from sleeping but my teeth and my claws are sharp, if you try to kill me now you will also die"

Friday, November 9, 2012

How the end of the mayan calendar is affect us ?

Bhuvaneswari explain the laws and dynamics of the new times to comes. it also gives us suggestions of how to deal with the incertitude and the "unknown feeling" we may be experiencing.

How the mayan calendar is affect us 11/09 by Altitude | Blog Talk Radio