Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bhuvaneswari's Vision of Solstice 2012

The end of the Mayan calendar depicts with much precision the different Eras of the Earth as well as the evolution of her political, religion and inhabitants' awareness, which inspired any seekers to question the next step of humanity. I cannot deny the puzzle that is the big mystery our ancestors related to the absence of indications for the next steps of Earth.
The intense and subtle ecological changes of Earth are also putting in question what is going on and what should be our position in the face of such changes.
I am not a crystal ball to know what is going to happen even tomorrow, but all I know is that the energies that are surrounding the planet now are causing much delusion, stress and uncertainty in the human physique.
I know as well, that the restlessness and incertitude people are feeling is taking a toll on all these changes; they are not channeling the potentials of our contribution in these important moments.
I know clearly that there can be a great impact when there are hundreds of healers, teacher and mediums willing to gather in one single place, at an important moment in time, with the intention to make an imprint of courage, containment and hope.
I am convinced that together we can create a beautiful and unique spark of light in these difficult moments of Earth. Our prayers can join in a single voice, Our light and gifts displayed in one single breath and our sense of belonging can make the difference we would like to manifest on earth. In the bigger picture, we need each other; our strength is in the cooperation and in sharing our own unique attributes.

The end of time is nothing less that an invitation to evaluate how us, in this precise moment, are limited. It is the moment to reevaluate our calendar, the one that we follow blindly, the one that gives us the command to shop for Christmas, fathers day and the funny bunny. The calendar that had make us think that there is a Monday where our moods are affected because we come back to work, or the illusion of a Friday where we finally can relax. All this imprint that the social calendar gives us, mold us and steal from us the freedom of the moment, the freedom of conceiving oneself a master of our own non-linear time.  If you are a meditator you tap naturally into the non-linear time, where all things get into a delicate synchronicity and we free our self from mental noise; we then, can participate and co-operate with the core of life. With the change of time we are inviting this frequency to be install permanently in our consciousness and to manifest our reality.
 We may be at the end, or in the abyss of the new beginnings, or both, however the real test is how we show up as One, how we cooperate and how our awareness feeds and inspires each other.
I am truly looking forward to celebrate with you the culmination of this times and to melt in the infinity glory of the divine.
In service,

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