Monday, November 12, 2012

Winter solstice: The Longest Night

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By Matthew Cosgrove.

            A long time ago it is winter, summer is but a dream, there is only winter, it has no end. The Great Spirit gives fire to the people but the North wind breathes on it and makes it cold, the people cannot light the fire again. The sun goes west and does not return, it is the longest night.

         Life is hard for the people, they have little to eat, and many young and old pass into the world of Spirit. The people sit together to stay warm but no one speaks and no one sings. Then the people find a bear sleeping in a cave, they want to kill the bear for it’s meat and fur but the bear wakes up, "I am weak from sleeping but my teeth and my claws are sharp, if you try to kill me now you will also die"

Friday, November 9, 2012

How the end of the mayan calendar is affect us ?

Bhuvaneswari explain the laws and dynamics of the new times to comes. it also gives us suggestions of how to deal with the incertitude and the "unknown feeling" we may be experiencing.

How the mayan calendar is affect us 11/09 by Altitude | Blog Talk Radio

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Winter Solstice 2012: The starting point of a new Era

An invitation to join the celebration
by Bhuvaneswari Devi 

Dec 21 2012 marks the end of the Mayan calendar. The ancient mystics who elaborated the most complex records or the social, political and religions events of humanity, has not given us information on the next millennium to come.
All we have before us is an Earth that shakes her surface with radical ecological changes, as all of humanity feels the pressure and thickness of social, political and economical instability. We may continue our daily life as though nothing is going on, however, in the back of our mind, we cannot deny the impact of the changes and the request life makes for us to examine our position in front of these changes. What is my impact? How I can help? What can happen? All these questions have a powerful and unique answer. It all depends of your level of cooperation, contribution and awareness of the gifts you have.

Understanding the Mayan calendar

We like this video that touch the glimpse of how the Mayan calendar work. Enjoy it. !

Bhuvaneswari's Vision of Solstice 2012

The end of the Mayan calendar depicts with much precision the different Eras of the Earth as well as the evolution of her political, religion and inhabitants' awareness, which inspired any seekers to question the next step of humanity. I cannot deny the puzzle that is the big mystery our ancestors related to the absence of indications for the next steps of Earth.
The intense and subtle ecological changes of Earth are also putting in question what is going on and what should be our position in the face of such changes.