Friday, December 21, 2012

Stillness and Sovereignty; our only choice now.

Restoring sovereignty is simple to do when you have the tools to anchor yourself into your core. The problem is that the concept of the tool that we usually have is attached to the doer, to the performer and to the forceful self who wants results. Meditation is a tool, but it is also a natural stage of being. It is truly a poetic process to free the mind from all its contents, from all its conditional thinking and to enter innocently into the solitude of silence.
That silence only emerges, and I say emerges because always it has been there, waiting, like a faithful observer of all our adventures, dramas and life stories. That silence only can arise when one sees the limitations of one’s thinking, when one sees that our way of thinking has not brought us any freedom, truth or peace.  That simple recognition is all that is needed to arrive at a natural state of silence and inner clarity.
That silence permeates all living things, as each stands alone in their full being, in full presence and in a full honoring of their divinity.
It is that deep solitude and state of sovereignty where we are not touched by any idea, concepts. As a matter of fact that solitude and stillness is that that animates all that we think we are and all the things we do. 
We are in each instance, 2000 years ago as well as now, requested to stand up, to defend and to realize the self-love that leads us beyond fear and into the vastness of our being. That recognition requires us to be self-sovereign, where we stand free from the threat of our mind and the illusionary force of our emotions. That space of neutrality no longer keeps us captive either by the mind or by fears.

Where we are coming from: poverty, injustice, war and inner judgments, is a past saturated with experiences of duality. Our collective self is ready now to take steps towards completeness and unity of all manner of existence.
We are here today because we are ready to say yes, to respect Earth and all her living things; we are ready to say yes to a stillness, naturalness and peace. We are ready to say yes to autonomy, where the grip of what the other said is no longer an excuse to hold our expression and our uniqueness. That is the change of consciousness, it a simple Yes! I am ready; yes I am capable of seeing another person free from my pre-concepts, envy, and insecurities.  Are you ready to stand alone in the solitude of your uniqueness and in the grace of life? If your answer is Yes, relax your time has come, and if you say No, you have now not much option than to drop the futile resistance of your comfort zone. The time to be sovereign has arrived.

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